Company Profile
CYD PLASTER CEILING & RENOVATIONS is a renowned specialist of plaster-glass ceiling in Malaysia. With over 2000 designs in various categories to choose from, CYD PLASTER CEILING & RENOVATIONS are capable to produce items that suit and cater to the market needs and wants.

        CYD PLASTER CEILING & RENOVATIONS is a company that specialist in plaster ceiling, partition & wiring works and one stop renovations.

        We supply a wide range of plaster products including Domes, Centre Roses, Oval shape Mouldings, Round Mouldings, Corners & Beadings, Cornice Corners and other ornament accessories such as Corbels, Roman Pillars, Mirrors, Free Corners and many more to allow you to enhance your interior with a classic taste inrivalled by any other form of interior decor.

        All the products are fire resistance, excellence thermal and sound insulation, and vermin proof.